Honey Glazed Sausages

Serves: 4; Prep: 10 mins; Cook: 25-30 mins; Cals per portion: 469

A delicious hotch potch of sausages and pears, glazed with honey.

Ingredients: 2 tbsp/30ml vegetable oil; 1 1/2 lb/700g sausages; 2 large onions, sliced; 2 ripe pears, preferably red skinned; 5 tsp/25ml honey; 1 tbsp/15ml roughly chopped fresh parsley; salt and pepper

  • Heat the oil in a large frying pan or a shallow flameproof casserole. Add the sausages and onions and fry gently for about 15 minutes, turning frequently until browned.
    Quarter, core and slice the pears. Add to the pan with the honey.
  • Stir well until the honey coats the sausages, then cover with a lid or kitchen foil and cook gently for a furtehr 10-15 minutes, until the pears are tender.
  • Stir in the parsley and seasoning and serve with boiled or mashed potatoes.
  • Tip: If you have time the honey glazed sausages could be baked in an oven Mark 4/350oF/180oC for one hour along with jacket potatoes for a warming supper dish.

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