Book Ideas : Sugar & Spice

Prepare a feast for the senses with these cookbooks.

  1. New Feast Modern Middle Eastern Vegetarian by Greg and Lucy Malouf
  2. Falastin: A Cookbook by Sami Tamimi and Tara Wigley
  3. The Essential Middle Eastern Cookbook by Michelle Anderson
  4. My Little Persian Kitchen by Rebekah Jones

Rebekah Jones is a cook and Persian food enthusiast. Born to a Persian father and an English mother in Coventry, she loves to share her knowledge of Middle Eastern food. You’ll find easy and fragrant dishes at , influenced by her love of Eastern flavour and spice. Her cookbook ‘My Little Persian Kitchen) is filled with recipes, anecdotes and tips, plus a little about the history of the spices used in the book.

Recipe Books – Quick & Easy

Book ideas from Psychologies Magazine (Spring 2021)

Be inspired by these cookbooks for simple, nutritious meals.

  1. Clodagh’s Weeknight Kitchen by Clodagh McKenna.
  2. Keeping It Simple by Yasmin Fahr
  3. Speedy MOB: 12-minute meals for 4 people by Ben Lebus
  4. The 5 Minute, 5 Ingredient Lunchbox by Alexander Hart.

Waste-free meals

  • The Complete Book of Vegan Compleating by Ellen Tout
    • Eco Living Editor Ellen Tout shares sustainable, creative cooking tips.
    • Used coffee grounds are packed with nitrogen and are a brilliant addition to the soil. Dig them into your garden to give plants extra nutrients while reducing waste. Spent grounds can also be added to cookie recipes or coffee cream, or mix them with coconut oil and sugar for a natural body scrub.