Good Mood Food : Ginger Spice

Article taken from Psychologies Magazine.

Wintry spices warm the soul, and none more so than ginger – synonymous with chilly weather and scrummy baked goods, now is the time to make the most of its health-boosting, cold-fighting goodness.

With it’s rich, warming flavour, ginger is a store cupboard saviour at any time of year, but particularly during the festive season, says nutritionist Alison Cullen: “Think gingerbread and lightly spiced drinks…’ One of its main benefits is improved circulation and increased blood flow which, couple with ginger’s zingy taste, is fantastic for sharpening your senses and bolstering brainpower. Boosting blood flow around your body, ginger helps keep your extremities – hands, feet and head – toasty on chilly days.

Inflammation evasion
‘As with many wonderful herbs and spices, ginger’s anti-inflammatory powers are a huge boon and work in harmony with its antibacterial and antioxidant properties,’ says Cullen. ‘Between them, they make this knobbly root a real health powerhouse; fighting inflammation and boosting antioxidant levels is vital for keeping our minds and bodies in balance,’ she says.

Nature’s cure-all
‘And there’s a good reason ginger is a spice hero during winter in particular,’ adds Cullen. ‘It’s high antioxidant levels and antibacterial properties not only help fight off cold-causing bacteria, they also soothe some of the most irritating symptoms, including a sore throat and congestion.’

Grate Stuff!
You’ll be surprised at the number of dishes that can be elevated with a sprinkle of ginger, and it works beautifully in some unexpected places. Try ginger grated ….
* In marinades and dressings
* On salads
* Mixed into yoghurt
* On toast under the grill with a dab of coconut oil
* Sliced into water (hot or cold)

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