Everyone’s Cup of Tea

Recipes courtesy of Psychologies Magazine (February 2017) and taken from Cleanse, Nurture, Restore with Herbal Tea by Sebastian Pole.

Forgive Me for I have Sinned

This is a help-you-feel-good tea to sip slowly after a night of indulgence.  It aids digestion, stimulates sluggish circulation and refreshes your mind.

Makes : 2-3 cups

Ingredients :
1 handful fresh peppermint leaves (or 1 tblsp dry)
3-5 slices fresh ginger root
2 sprigs fresh rosemary (or 1 tsp dry)
1/4 tsp turmeric root powder (or a sprinkle) per cup
Angostura bitters (a dash per cup)
1 tsp honey per cup

Place the mint, ginger and rosemary in a pot.  Add 500ml freshly boiled, filtered water.  Leave to steep for 10-15 minutes and then strain.  Add the turmeric, bitters and honey.  Breathe in the aromas of the infusion while you drink it, as they will help you feel better.

tea pic 2

Golden Milk of Bliss

A warm, deeply nourishing nectar to replenish your nervous and sexual energies.  This tea is a great relaxant, so drink warm before bedtime.  Calming bliss in a cup.

Makes : 1 cup

Ingredients :
150ml almond, rice or other milk
2 tsp ground almonds
2 cardamom pods (gently crushed or split)
5 saffron strands
Pinch of turmeric root powder
Pinch of nutmeg powder
1/4 tsp ashwagandha root
Honey, to taste

Gently warm the milk in a pan, then add all the other ingredients, except the honey.  Pour into a cup, sweeten to taste with honey and stir before drinking.  (If you don’t like the taste of ashwagandha, take a capsule of it when you drink the milk instead).

tea pic 1

Mint Digestif

There is an Ayurvedic saying: ‘All disease starts with poor digestion.’  This tea will help boost your digestive fire without over-heating it.  It is a pitta-balancing infusion made for sipping after a sumptuous meal.

Makes :  2-3 cups

Ingredients :
4g peppermint leaf
2g licorice rot
2g hibiscus flower
1g fennel seed
1g coriander seed

Put the ingredients in a pot, add 500ml boiled, filtered water.  Steep for 5-10 minutes, strain and drink.

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