Apricot and Ginger Fool

A recipe by Rosemary Conley

Serves:  4;  Prep:  20 mins

Apricots and ginger are a perfect combination for this lovely dessert.

14oz/396g can apricot halves in natural juice; 1 lb/450g quark or other low fat soft cheese; 1 tbsp/15ml syrup from a jar of stem ginger; 2-3 pieces of stem ginger; a few mint leaves, for decoration


  • Drain the apricot halves and puree in a food processor or liquidiser with the quark or low fat soft cheese and syrup from the stem ginger.  Transfer to a mixing bowl.  Chop 2 pieces of the stem ginger and fold it into the apricot mixture.  Taste the mixture, then add more stem ginger if you like.  Finely chop the remaining ginger and spoon the mixture into individual glasses.  Cover each glass with a piece of clingfilm and leave to chill in the fridge until required.
  • Just before serving the fool, place a little of the reserved chopped ginger on the top of each one and decorate with one or two small mint leaves.
  • Tip:  Quark (which means ‘curds’) is a type of curd cheese that originates from Germany.  It is much lower in fat than most soft cheeses and similar in texture to fromage frais.  You will find it in most large supermarkets.  If you can’t buy quark, use sieved cottage cheese instead.

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